Need some relaxing spa time? We all do at some point. Relaxing spa time was included in our family’s beach vacation! Some much-needed “rest and recuperation” for all of us… but ours came with an unexpected twist.  The kids, were out of school, with too much free time on their hands. Plus, we both looked forward to time off from work and wanting some family downtime. With two active young girls, needing full-time attention, it had been a long,  hot and busy summer for us all. So off we went! We’d arrived at our California beach-front motel. Whoo hoo! After our long ride and unpacking, we put on our swimsuits and headed for a leisurely walk on the beach. Being low tide, we were able to see various tide pools among the rocks and view the sea creatures living there. A few shells and pretty rocks were gathered along our way. The…

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