Weight-loss / Keto diet results The Keto diet plan is very similar to the Adkin’s diet. Many have had quick and positive weight-loss results. The plan allows and works with high consumption of fatty meats and dairy and eggs. Protein combined with good fats from avocados, nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, etc keep hunger satisfied. You’re restricted daily, to no more than 20 grams of carbohydrates, no starchy vegetables or sugars. By following this plan, your body should enter a state of ketosis. At this point, fat is then burned for energy, instead of carbs and sugars. Therefore losing your fat, inches, and weight. Doable diet. Sure beats crunching on celery and carrots, like a rabbit. I have maintained my pudgy self, off and on, through walking. However, pounds have been slowly “gaining” on me. My circumference continues to widen. Probably due to diet, ya think? But, for the last several months,…

Virus: Colds, coughs and flu breed misery within hours. Here’s a review of caring for these illnesses. Virus healthcare 101: Illness or allergies? Allergic symptoms come on suddenly,…

Duplicated photo of small child scooping up fallen leaves from the ground.

The Fall season brings colorful beauty we acclimate to. But for many, Fall brings colorful beauty and allergies!   We all have different feelings towards the coming Fall season. Some of us can…

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