Kids Halloween costumes have been out for a while now. If you haven’t picked out yours, you’d better hurry. You might have to improvise with your own creative ideas. Kids Halloween costumes aren’t that difficult to pull together. You might get an idea right here. Don’t worry, just think about it for a minute and

Permanently eliminate robocalls for free! Are you bothered by calls and recordings soliciting money for politicians, contractors, get rich scams, etc? So were we. But not any more.

Red squirrel eating in the wild

Trouble keeping squirrels out of your bird feeders? Solutions that work! A local squirrel family was not factored into our backyard retreat. I have bird feeders for small…

I was sure our little girl was ready for potty training. Oh, how she loved the pretty, big girl panties I had bought for her. Plus, now she…

Virus: Colds, coughs and flu breed misery within hours. Here’s a review of caring for these illnesses. Virus healthcare 101: Illness or allergies? Allergic symptoms come on suddenly,…

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