This cat thinks it’s all about her. My cat was in need of a little attention, literally, the center of attention! There she sits. Right in the center of my attention. Wreath-making around this cat? Not happening. Meanwhile, Easter’s past, but here comes May Day, followed by Mother’s Day! What great timing for making something pretty and fresh to bring in the Spring! Quick and easy to do, too. Let your imagination guide you. Get your creative juices flowing. Just add your signature touch. So take something pretty and re-make it into your own! I bought this pretty lavender floral wreath from Kohls after Easter. Again, taking advantage of their markdown holiday pricing. Also, I used my 30% discount on top of the sales price, for an even better discount. Remember to shop those seasonal sales for your craft supplies all year around. Save them for next season. Back to your wreath. Add…

Red squirrel eating in the wild

Trouble keeping squirrels out of your bird feeders? Solutions that work! A local squirrel family was not factored into our backyard retreat. I have bird feeders for small…

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