Trouble keeping squirrels out of your bird feeders? Solutions that work! A local squirrel family was not factored into our backyard retreat. I have bird feeders for small colorful finches and other small, songbirds that visit our patio. When the squirrels attached themselves to my screen finch feeders, I changed to clear plastic tube feeders, designed for Nijar birdseed. Problem solved… I thought. This year I added a different feeder for larger bird seed but designed for smaller songbirds. I hung it from a pole, 4 feet off the ground and attached to our 3-foot fence, for stability. Two uninvited squirrels simply sat on that fence, reaching out to feed themselves when hungry. Hmmm. What now? Well, I bought a 7-foot pole and attached the feeder on top of the pole. It took those varmints 2 days to learn how to shimmy up to the feeder, pop open the lid and…

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