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janeblogphoto 2Hi there. I’m Jane.

By definition, a somewhat creative grandmother, with an interest in a multitude of subjects. Probably because I’ve been around a while and I’m developing a taste of life. Not too old yet, like a fine wine, aging slowly, but with a dash of “quirkiness,” for “seasoning.”

Anyway, like you, I’ve been balancing life, work, family and just, stuff. Now that I’m retired and my kids, have kids, I’m scheduling more me time, to devote and develop my blog,


With the help of my “techie” daughter, we created a website for my women’s club. I’ve managed it for a few years now. Sooo, why not start a personal blog too? I’ve always enjoyed researching, writing and sharing new ideas. I can do this.

My goals? Giving back to you. Helping you, gives me, that feeling of satisfaction, we all relate to when we’ve given assistance to others.

In addition, I’m keeping my mind sharp by researching and learning new things. Therefore, generating new brain cells to replace those shrinking with age. LOL. It’s true! It’s part of my brain therapy plan. This active Granny blogger’s up for the challenge!

So why not join the journey, as we search the “web” and the “cobwebs of my mind,” (maybe your‘s too) searching and researching for who knows what? Perhaps, consider new health, money-saving, or DIY decor ideas? You’ll find helpful ideas and tips on various subjects pertaining to family style, lifestyles your style. Something you read here may pique your interest or give you cause to pause, from this light-hearted Granny, me.

Discover your “inner you” with a new view! Not too fancy… just family friendly.

Thanks for stopping by!







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