A quick and simple wreath brings Spring to your home.

So easy and fun to do. Supplies are on sale. Very cost effective if you know when to shop and what you’ll need. A few quick changes and wow!

Original wreath – nice but boring before

You’ll want to get a somewhat basic wreath like this simple olive branch wreath with olives.

This $69.99 wreath was on sale, 1/2 price at Kohl’s. Sale price $34.99, plus my 30% member discount? $24.52! It’s a nice wreath, but let’s make it even better with just a little tweaking.

Add some blossom branches

Joann’s Crafts store, as well as others, have big Spring sales going on. It’s always fun to pick up holiday close-outs, as well as new Spring items. Oh yeah, I sure did. Along with my other bargains, I bought 2 branches of pretty white blossoms at 50% off. Total investment $3.00!

To make them easier to work with I cut the blossomed branches apart with wire cutters. Now they can be positioned where needed to fill in and balance out the wreath.

On that subject, if a wreath is too thin or sparse with foliage on a side, or looks lop-sided, don’t fret about it. It can always be improved.

This wreath was much fuller on one side so I positioned the blossomed branches to fill in. Also do not be afraid to bend the branches to curve any way you can to improve the overall balance. The olive branches stuck out too much so I bent them so they looked more natural. Also, each individual flower can be removed if it is hidden, or it’s needed elsewhere. Some of these blossoms were repositioned as well.

Add a nesting bird

Just one more addition that would make the wreath stand out even more. It could use a focal point. Possily a bow, an object, birdhouse, or another type of flower, pinecones, etc. I chose a nesting bird which I took from another one of my wreaths.

From boring to “simply” beautiful

So now that the white blossoms are mixed with the dark green foliage, they add much more interest. The flowers seem to “pop” in contrast to the dark leaves and olives. Much better. Notice the white contrast on the door jam which also brings out the white as it frames the door and wreath together.

White door?
Tan wall?

So where do you think this wreath looks best? On the white door? Notice how the flowers are lost against the white background? The wreath is dull with the lack of natural light as well. What about the painted tan wall with the sunshine on it? Much better location. The wall’s contrast with the green and white let the wreath stand out or “pop”. Especially with the sunshine. However, I need a wreath on the front door for today, but, maybe a wall tomorrow?

It’s best to keep colors in mind when creating wall art or wreaths.

Do the color combinations placed against the wall color blend, or accentuate your piece? Hopefully, they don’t clash or fight. One should not detract from the other. They should work together and showcase your artwork. Make it “pop.”

Making simple wreaths can be easy to do. I made this wreath into my own. An original by me, with very little effort and cost. Now, why don’t you give it a try? Keep it simple. You can do it too!


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