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Fall fruit topiary. Make it for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Both centerpieces, with a similar fruity flair.

A Fall fruit topiary with a Halloween theme, that could become a Fall Harvest theme too.

Fruit topiaries are almost too “cool” to eat. They add so much interest to any table. But go ahead and nibble away. That’s the idea. These fruit topiaries are always a nice touch to whatever party theme or menu you plan. Definitely a topic for discussion at any gathering. See others from this link. Fun fruit topiary for parties

Use the Fall fruits in season with the following basic directions. Just exchange these whimsical Halloween picks and lights for colorful Fall leaves, flowers, gourds, and picks representing Thanksgiving.

This Halloween topiary will top off at 2 1/2 feet.

Basic Supplies Needed:

  • 24″ styrofoam cone
  • 18″ round platter
  • Plastic wrap
  • Strong Gorilla type, tape
  • Round toothpicks
  • Red and green grapes, rinsed and dried
  • Mandarin oranges
  • 2 miniature pumpkins
  • 1 head romaine lettuce
  • Other fruit of your choosing (apples and apricots)
  • 1 string of battery operated lights
  • A 6′ garland, assorted whimsical picks

Take the cone and wrap it in plastic wrap.

Afterward, place the cone in the center of your platter and tape it securely on 4 sides. Your cone will be top-heavy when finished and needs to be stable due to its height.

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Depending on what you use to decorate, you may want to first, secure a garland like the one shown. It might be easier to pluck the grapes without the garland draped over them.

 Attach the lettuce leaves to the cone with toothpicks.

Start at the top of the cone with the smaller leaves. Cover the entire cone, allowing the garland to be seen.

Cut small bunches of the rinsed, red and green grapes. Again, using the toothpicks, sporadically hang these bunches to the cone. You can leave spaces for other fruit, fill in the gaps, or allow the green lettuce to show. If you would like to add different fruit, now is the time to do so. (Strawberries work well. Also colorful bows of ribbon.)

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At the top of the cone, add some extra leafy green for cover. Or hide the exposed white cone with decorations.

Place the last of your decorative picks around, evenly balanced.

At the base of the cone cover with more lettuce, or not, and arrange the oranges, pumpkins, grapes, or whatever fruit you choose.

Finally, starting at the top of the cone, secure the end of the light strand and drape the lights very loosely down and around the cone. Secure it in a few places. Then hide the battery box on the platter, under lettuce or grapes. Turn on the lights. What do you think of your creation?

Of course, you did put new batteries in the battery box, didn’t you?

Tip: Yes, shorter cones are available for smaller topiaries.

Tip: To switch to the Harvest theme, add colored leaves, flowers, small pinecones, seed pods, bows, and Thanksgiving characters.

Tip: For a more tropical theme, add chopped cantaloupe, pineapple, and berries sprinkled around with mint leaves and flowers. Wired bumblebees, butterflies, ladybugs, and other colorful accents can add to your themes. These would be nice for Spring or Summer.

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