Looking for Halloween costumes with makeup? Here are some creative ideas.

It’s all up to your own imagination. Why not add some makeup for your unique look, and bring your Halloween costumes to life?

Anything goes, but makeup can make a big difference. Why not be the one that takes the extra steps to make your costumed characters stand out from the crowd. Be unique, remembered and photographed.

Some of the creative Halloween costumes below really do just that.


For instance, is this red-cloaked beauty portrayed as innocent or evil? Your makeup will reveal your choice. What would you want to be hiding under that hood?


Her is makeup simply red and blueish tones. Too frightening for you?

For the kids maybe.

Well, there could be many other faces hiding beneath the red-hooded cloak.


Possibly two different faces instead of one? Split personality maybe? This might even help if you’re short on time getting ready. A very intriguing look though.


With a lot more detail, a headdress and a completed costume, this “Day of the Dead” look became a colorful sensation.


You could wear various outfits to pull this together. Possibly center it around a different color?

Speaking of headdresses! This dramatic purple creation is something to be remembered. Looks like it could be something from a professional costume set.

Very dramatic eye makeup and stick on brows?


Wow. These long turquoise and purple hair braids totally frame this face, which is covered by a partial, detailed mask. Makeup is blended on exposed facial areas to bring it together as one look.

Black makeup around the eyes and white on the forehead. Notice the person’s red hair exposed at the hairline?

So now, is there a man in your life that you’d like to dress in costume?

Here’s an awesome creepy couple. Attention was paid to coordinating their clothing and matching their makeup styles. Well done.



A little too much for your guy? maybe something with a sunnier disposition?

There’s always the colorful clown. The kids might warm up to him a little faster too.

Clowns can be happy or sad, funny or scary.


Maybe your guy’s not into makeup, at all? Just dress him in a mix of colors, top him off in a fedora and call it a day. Here’s a dapper guy.

So many ideas for different looks can change one outfit, or just one piece of clothing, into your own style, or look you want. Just like the woman in the red cloak.

Larger thrift stores should have an array of jackets, dresses, hats, and other accessories to bring creative costumes together.

Goodwill also has costumes this time of year, as well! So What are you waiting for?

Create your own unique Halloween costumes!


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