Kids Halloween costumes have been out for a while now. If you haven’t picked out yours, you’d better hurry.

You might have to improvise with your own creative ideas.

Kids Halloween costumes aren’t that difficult to pull together. You might get an idea right here. Don’t worry, just think about it for a minute and something will come to you. Just don’t underestimate yourself!


For example, take this little girl. Her red cape could be used for a couple of costumes. The only difference would be a witch’s hat, to the left. Maybe some dark clothes underneath.


She could also carry a basket and become “Little Red Riding Hood” wearing whatever she wants underneath.


Speaking of capes, how many little boys want to be real-life superheroes? Does he have a dog?

Now you have Superboy and Wonder Dog!


Maybe Superboy would like to stand out from the crowd? Try a little hair color. Green, Blue, or red… you know, to match his cape, shirt, or the cape of his dog?


Do you have a few kids that could dress similarly? Coordinating costumes with a theme is always a fun way to show off as a group, belonging together. Here we have 3 bakers. They could each carry a kitchen spoon, bowl, egg beater… Hats and aprons found online.


Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 3.16.33 PM

If you want to put a little more effort into the costumes, try aging the young ones, into adults.

This darling photo from Debbie Milios is priceless!

pexels-photo-301977 Have a couple of toddlers? Dress them in similar outfits, hats, and coats. Give them a basket, pail or bucket to match! Off they go!



Let’s not forget the wee-littles. There are so many cute outfits for them now.

It’s almost a shame how fast they grow out of them. Before you know it their little Halloween costumes have been changed for Christmas!

baby-boy-child-christmas-41173pexels-photo-265981Hope you found some inspiration that triggered your creative, “inner you.” Kids Halloween costumes can become your originals, with just a little extra thought and effort.

It’s ok to ask for help too.

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  2. Jane A. Reply

    Thank you. Glad you liked the post. Kids keep us young at heart …especially if you happen to be a grand parent, like me. Your daughter is a “cutie pie.” A sweet Disney princess.

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