Halloween costumes and makeup ideas have been out for a while now… since August.

Need an update or maybe original idea? You might get some ideas here.

Every year you’ll see the latest characters from movies, popular kid’s shows and of course those standard favorites. But why not update an old costume or a new generic one and create your new look? It’s so easy. Hang the costume on a door, or put in on and view it in front of a mirror. Stare at it for a few a minutes. Really check it out. What could you do to improve the look?

Here are some Halloween costume and makeup ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Just do a little tweaking here and there. Add a wagon, and your pet. Get a different hat. Accessorize with jewelry, flowers, balloons, an umbrella… so many other props to use. Just add something that makes it unique, so it stands out from the other costumes still hanging on the sales racks. Do your own thing! Make it an original, by you! 

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 8.30.14 AM

A clever re-creation of Minnie Mouse.

It could work for a child too. Her long hair was parted down the center and secured into 2 high pig-tails. Then each was teased and shaped into a round, mouse ear, pinned and sprayed.

Her lips hidden with concealer, then highlighted in the center with red color to create a small, mouse-like mouth. The blackened tip of her nose, with pink cheeks and whiskers, create a look that enhances her beautiful eyes.


Is green is your color?

If you wear it well, try this body makeup idea. A fairy, mermaid or a sexy siren from the deep blue sea, might be something for you. The green shows such a brilliant contrast against the bright pink wig, wings, lips, and eyeshadow!

How about some tasty sugar-lips?

Coat your lips with a thick coating of lip-gloss or Vaseline to create your sweet smile. In different colors and flavors.

For a more dramatic look, try this with some sequins for a little bling. Just reapply after snacking or kissing.


A beautiful mime all decked out in red?

We’re talking red eyelashes too! Her white face and scarf give a striking contrast. How about in purple, blue?










The ever-popular celebration for “The Day of the Dead.” The living, honor their deceased friends and relatives. A Mexican holiday popular in the U.S.

The traditional white-faces adorned with color and floral headpieces.


The colorful Mad Hatter can be dressed in his sensational top hat. A man or woman could easily portray this character. Have fun pulling it together with thrift-store finds.


There’s always the various clown costumes.

So many different directions to take with this costume. Happy or sad? Funny or scary? A world-wide character and recognized throughout.