Finally, I’ve found a way to permanently eliminate robocalls, for free. Yeah!

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Are you bothered by annoying robo phone calls?

Do you get political folks asking for your vote and soliciting campaign funds? What about home contractors and solar companies? Or, that recorded guy who starts with “Stop what you’re doing right now and listen how I can get you …$$$!” There’s also, “Hi, I’m Kellie…” She’s selling a work-from-home money-making opportunity. And all those worthy charities and other civic organizations? They also have our number. But we can’t donate to them all.

We’ve also, unfortunately, had scam calls from the IRS demanding tax payments. Along with fraudulent calls from the sheriff with warrants for our arrest if we don’t pay fines. We don’t even have a sheriff, we have a police department. My friend had the scam call from a sobbing person, claiming to be her grandson needing wired funds. She almost went for it too.

Over the years I’ve blocked many of these robo phone calls, but some return with new numbers.

They’re sneaky now, by masking their actual numbers and creating phony front numbers with our local area code and local prefix numbers.

Our solution for the last 4 years was, never answer the phone unless we knew the number or the caller ID, on our phone. Many people do the same.

But now there’s freedom from disruptive, interruptive, ongoing and harassing robocalls telemarketers and other unwanted phone calls.

No more rushing to answer nuisance calls, or the need to listen to a telemarketer’s recorded speel, after that familiar “beep” preceding it. A nuisance, daily chore when returning home from work, or time away from home. You must listen and clear your calls. There might be a call you want or need! New freedom now offered for landlines.

“NOMOROBO” is a service that most major phone companies offer.

You can sign up online or call your local phone company directly. With a flip of a switch, it’s done! For free! Somehow this system separates the unwanted calls. Schools and medical calls come through with other calls you want. Your home phone rings once. The call is rerouted with no message left. Bingo! It’s gone and you’re eventually removed from the culprit’s list. I received 2 calls while writing this post. NO MOre ROBO calls for us!

Tip. Why do we still have a landline?

Well, have you ever been without your cellphone? Maybe lost, stolen or damaged? How we ever got along without a phone is amazing. For convenience and emergency usage, in which I now consider any circumstance without a phone, an uneasy one. Security, that’s why.


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