Recycle fragrance samples from Department store mailers and fashion magazines.

Recycle fragrance samples to freshen small areas throughout your home. Years ago, I purchased pretty fragrance-scented drawer liners for my lingerie, panties and sleepwear drawers. Unfortunately, although the prints were pretty and the plastic liner lasted forever, the scent soon dissipated.

Many years ago, after sniffing one of those fragrance samples that I really liked, I set it aside on my nightstand. The next morning I saw it laying there and popped it into a drawer. Sure enough, the next day when reaching for fresh underwear, that pretty scent was still there. Hmmm…

Now when I get sample inserts from magazines or mailers,

I pull them out and stash them in different drawers and locations. For instance, I make my bed and lay one on my pillow, to catch its fragrance as I drift off to sleep. If you’re single, you might try this with a men’s cologne sample. Sweet dreams. Maybe you should check samples in the men’s magazines too.

Of course, I stash these samples among my lingerie and pajamas. But what about placing one in-between your freshly-folded sheets and towels in the linen closet? Or toss one in the kitchen towel drawer? Try one inside your purses, when out for the day or evening, with a friend.

Maybe you have a guest room. Maybe you have a guest, in your guest room? Hide a fragrance sample inside the toilet paper roll in their bathroom. Who else has designer fragrances by their bathroom toilets?

So ladies, let’s not forget about the men in the house.

Why not sneak samples of a men’s cologne fragrances into their underwear drawer, or possibly their sock drawer? They have noses to smell with too!

It’s true, the fragrance will soon dissipate and poof, now you’re left with junk mail in your drawers. However, at least it served its purpose for a while. You sampled the new fragrances and maybe you even found a new fragrance to purchase. Or not.

Caution. Don’t get caught ripping fragrance samples from magazines in your doctor’s office.

Or while waiting in the salon for your hair or nail appointments. Depending on how new those magazines are, someone probably already beat you to it anyway. I also wouldn’t advise tearing them from the magazines at the grocery check-out line either.

Hold on, dryer sheets are useful too!

Toss used dryer sheets in areas for a fresh, clean scent. Tuck them between the folded clothes, right from the dryer. Dispose of several in small bathroom waste cans for a hint of scent.

Even better, use a new dryer sheet for a stronger, longer lasting fragrance.

Like inside your toilet paper rolls. Especially by the family’s favorite toilet.

Keep a sheet in your car, on warm days to freshen the stale air. Possibly stuffed in an air vent?

Place one inside a room wall-vent that is blowing warm air from the heater. Very nice. It’s like walking by a home where the dryer exhaust permeating the outside air.

When using the air conditioner, place a couple of sheets on the outside of the disposable air filter, before the air is sucked into the unit. 

How about stashing a few sheets in or near the family pet’s bedding, or their hang-outs? Like under a cloth or towel they sleep on? And most definitely tape them to or near the cat-box? Pee-yew! 


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