How to make a fruit topiary
How to make a fruit topiary


How to make a beautiful fruit topiary for your next party or special occasion.



This fruit topiary can be varied in many different ways to enhance any party theme.

Here is a fruit topiary made with two variations. Simple steps with delightful results. A tasty centerpiece to enjoy. Too cute and a crowd-pleaser for sure.

These topiaries were created for two, of my four daughter’s, baby showers. And both were made by their ever-so-creative sister. Proud Mama here.

Here’s a list of things needed for this first fruit topiary:

  1. Small bunches of washed red and green grapes
  2. Strawberries – wash and pat dry
  3. Romaine lettuce – washed and soaked in water for crispness
  4. Apricots – wash and pat dry
  5. Rounded toothpicks
  6. Round plastic serving tray
  7. 24″ Styrofoam cone
  8. Plastic wrap
  9. Bumblebees, ladybugs & butterflies suspended on wires
  10. Your choice of assorted colorful mushrooms, fairies or other whimsical picks

Tip: Cantaloupe chunks wrapped in prosciutto, blueberries, and raspberries were used with the second topiary.


  • Take the styrofoam cone and glue it to the center of the plastic tray. Let dry and then cover the cone with plastic wrap. Attach romaine lettuce leaves, to the cone secured with rounded toothpicks.
  • Hang several small bunches of red grapes on exposed toothpicks. Attach the strawberries, inserted with toothpicks to the lettuce, as well.
  • Finally, place green grapes, in small bunches and apricots around the base of the cone. Embellish with mini mushrooms, wired bumblebees, butterflies, and ladybugs, wherever needed for appealing design balance.
  • Pictured above, is a different topiary, from another baby shower. As you can see the base is the same. There are a number of changes you could make to suit your own individual needs or the theme of your next event.

The bee and butterfly on the tops of each topiary, also spin around and are set in motion by a battery-operated device. The platters with attached cones can be saved and used again.

Just so sweet and clever. Don’t you agree?




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