Are you an impulse shopper? 10 tips for smarter shopping and better choices you need now.

I too am an impulse shopper, but hey, great deals can be obtained through bargain shopping! You just need to take more control and have better restraints. Think rationally, before you shell out your hard-earned cash or max out your credit cards, again.

Before your purchase, especially the pricey ones, consult with yourself by reviewing some thought-provoking questions. Use these decision-making terms when you get that overwhelming urge to click it, charge it, send it, or grab it, buy it and take it.

You might consider them your 10 commandments for smarter shopping.

Ask yourself these 10 questions before your next purchase for your wardrobe, home decor, appliances, furnishings, or even a new car… just about any addition to your “nest.” Save money and think it through. Is your purchase a great buy? Most likely if the sale price is slashed, it is. But do you really need it?

  1. Is it of good value? Good quality?
  2. How long will it last? Is it made well?
  3. Will those living with you like it? Easy return policy?
  4. Room for it? Will it add clutter? Is storage an issue?
  5. Too trendy? Will it be out of style soon or look dated?
  6. Ageless appeal? A good thing when you eliminate it.
  7. Co-ordinates with things? Does it add to surroundings or wardrobe?
  8. Is it useful? How often used? Is it versatile?
  9. Do you already have one you can locate? Forgotten in storage?
  10. Will you lose interest soon or regret the purchase? If you don’t review these tips you just might.

Consider your options and assuming you still have control of your senses, tally your results. Then if you still really love it… got to have it… then go for it!

Your impulse shopping is easily controlled with a little effort and thoughtful review.

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