Computer mouse recovery. Quick fix. Problem solved.

It’s so irritating when my computer mouse seemly slips and slides on its mouse pad, or any other surface, without moving the cursor on the screen! The mouse seems to have little or no connection with the cursor, on any surface. The cursor only slightly moves up and down the screen, but nothing, when moving the mouse from side to side. And yes, to answer your question, the mouse was fully charged.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 6.48.28 AMSo what’s the deal?

My desktop iMac Pro is 2 years old, and so is the wireless mouse that came with it. Instead of using batteries, the newly updated mouse is re-charged via its separate charger cord, that you attach to the iMac Pro. Prior to this iMac, I had another iMac, purchased 6 years ago. It’s been a great computer, which I still have for the kids. It was just time for a new iMac. However, when using my old, battery-operated Magic Mouse…

I never had this new problem with that old mouse.

So, 6 months ago, I also purchased a new MacBook Pro laptop and another Magic Mouse. That mouse works just fine, now. But is the new life-span for Apples newly upgraded, Magic “Mice” (Magic Mouse)? A lifespan of 2 years? Hmmm.

Whatever. Like I said before, I’ve got your back with this problem.

A few months ago, I was desperate to finish a post and get it published, I tried several different surfaces to get control of the cursor on the screen. Nada! I then thought, possibly the tracking strips on the bottom of the mouse were worn down and were now too slippery on any surface. So I got a fine, finishing grade, nail file to try an idea I had.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 6.49.05 AM

Not wanting to cause irreparable damage and ruin the mouse, I ever so lightly buffed the 2 strips, on the bottom of the mouse. Using a very light touch, I buffed across the strips, with a perpendicular motion. Just a couple of light strokes.

Like magic, Magic Mouse was magic again!

Let me add that the “magic” has disappeared a couple of times since. But not to worry, I just whip out my “magic” nail file and “presto changeo,”  Magic Mouse is magic again!

My Magic Mouse might just be temperamental. We’ll see how the second mouse performs. Regardless, I love my Macs. They’re keepers!



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