How students created a 3-D copy of Monet’s “Water Lilies,” from broken crayon pieces.

My daughter, helped her 5-grade students create this 3-D crayon rendition, of Monet’s famous painting. Their project was completed in rotating shifts of students, over a period of 2 weeks. This creative art-work was their class project, to help support their school’s annual fundraiser.

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This beautiful, contemporary, work of art was donated to the school’s fundraiser.

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For the project, the class brought in their old crayons from home.

However, many more boxes of crayons were purchased from the “dollar” discount stores. Next, the papers were removed and the crayons were sorted into bags and containers, along with colors closely matching those colors in Monet’s original painting.

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My daughter purchased a large, 2’x3′ black picture frame.

She flipped over the picture frame, and on the back side of the frame’s board, sketched a color pattern of the painting. She would use the depth of frame to secure the crayons from shifting. Her basic sketch would enable the kids to follow the colors and patterns.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 4.00.05 PM

Before the class started on their project, my daughter secured the crayons, which created the large flowers, with rubber bands. Then, she glued the bunches onto the board in their proper locations. All the crayons were glued with Tacky glue, purchased from craft stores.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 1.54.29 PM

The class worked in small rotating groups, for two weeks.

The students enjoyed filling in the picture as they closely followed the patterns. This was a satisfying experience, knowing that they all helped to contribute to the success of their creative art-work.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 12.49.03 PM

The beautiful 3-D rendition of Monet’s, Water Lilies.

This 3-D crayon art-work was created by my daughter’s 5-grade class. My granddaughter proudly holds the certificate of authentication, for the help she and her friends contributed towards their masterpiece. Ultimately, their very heavy, masterpiece was sold at their school’s annual fundraiser. And what a success it was!

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