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After trying the apple cider vinegar detox I experienced some physical change, which I was not expecting.

So I asked my Google Home, of course. Fast results for the asking.

Apple cider vinegar detox? Over the years, I had heard discussions on the Dr. Oz Show and read about the benefits of the apple cider vinegar detox. To cleanse and detox the body seemed like important issues to consider, for my health.

But the taste… ugh.

Further research provided different ways to ingest the stuff, some easier to mix, than others. I settled on high pulp orange juice. Extra pulp, translates to more fiber, for my cholesterol health. Plus, it was quick, easy and the taste was palatable.

I thought, maybe if I stuck with this, I might kickstart a new weight-loss routine.

I had been walking for years, to keep in some sort of shape, although my shape was not to my liking. I didn’t like the walking and didn’t like my results. But who does? I slacked off of my 3 to 4 daily mornings, on the treadmill. (One hour at 3 mph.) This had jump-started my 10,000 steps, for the day. Well, not anymore.

My excuse for slacking off was due to my interest in learning about blogging. The self-taught education I was getting was worth the trade-off. (So I told myself.) The fact is, I was now jumping out of bed to get to my computer, instead of getting to my gym.

Although I did watch a little closer as to what I ate, I didn’t gain any weight. Weird. 

Even without my gym exercise and sitting at my computer most of the day. Hmmm. Could my daily vinegar cocktail have something to do with this?

But, wait, there’s more good news!

Acne was the least of my teenage, adolescence problems. However, adult acne has been an issue for me for the past several years. Not to be gross, but the sides of my nostrils would develop large, sore pimples that would emerge and stay for what seemed like, forever! Like Rudolph, I too had a shiny red nose, that glowed! None of my adult friends had this problem. Doxycycline, which I was prescribed, made me nauseous. And concealers? Didn’t conceal.

However, recently I realized, that for about 3 months I’d been free of any acne. Hmmm.

I’d done nothing different except for my morning juice mix.

  • 1 tablespoon of unfiltered apple cider vinegar
  • 5 or 6 ounces of orange juice, before breakfast

It’s wonderful not to have to deal with acne any longer. Maybe, I just had a do-over, of adolescent acne? Roseola? I think the vinegar was my cure.

No more need for any antibiotics.

My daughter has 3 adolescent children. All starting with various, minor acne problems. She wants to try them on my juice mix to see if the cider vinegar helps them too. I’ll follow up with an update.

Meanwhile, back to my Google Home’s response.

apple cider vinegar can help with weight loss, lowering cholesterol, regulating blood sugar and clearing acne, by eliminating your body’s toxins.”

Wow. Who knew? Those ailments, are all prevalent in my own “family tree.” Can’t wait until my next physical and blood tests to see if there is any noticeable change.

Here’s a toast, to apple cider vinegar. I’m a believer!

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Got acne? Get apple cider vinegar.



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