They say a picture’s worth 1,000 words. What does this one say to you?


Is this an expression of thrills and chills, or of sheer terror and fear?

So sorry there are no sound effects for your enjoyment.

This photo was taken in Costa Rica, a few years ago, HIGH in the canopies of trees. This photo was also taken on a hot, humid day, after a 30 minute hike, up a steep, rocky cliff. Phew. Makeshift steps were cut into the earth and crafted for our footing. Who knew just what this new jungle adventure would bring?

Finally, at the top, and our starting point, we were offered some welcomed water.

After re-hydration, we studied the height to which we had climbed. One by one we were attached to harnesses and told to jump off the ledge, as they gave us a shove from behind! Really? Not to worry, a guy down below, in a tree would catch me. I just couldn’t knock him off the tree’s platform, with my feet extended, as I came in for a landing. Swell. How did I know I wouldn’t slam into the tree trunk, if I did accidentally knock the guy off and he did miss me? Oh well.

So, off I went. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah!

While wearing heavy leather gloves, my right hand held  onto the cable above my head. I’d been told, not to hold tight, onto the cable unless I really needed to slow myself. Otherwise, I might get stuck in the middle of the run, between the trees. Yes, just hanging there, high above the ground, I now so dearly appreciated. Not to mention all eyes of my fellow zippers watching me and snapping photos. So, continuing on at lightning fast speed, I seemingly flew down toward that tree trunk, but with my glove lightly holding onto the zip cable… just in case. I might add, I then realized why there was a worn out slice in the palm of my glove. Others had worn this glove and the cable had completely burned through it, as people had held on to the cable for dear life!

I made it to the first platform! At this point I found myself hugging that tree. Literally.

You see, several of us were now standing on a small, flimsy, metal grated ring, around the tree. A single, thin, waist-high cable, attached around the platform’s perimeter. It was to keep us from falling below! Really? OMG. Don’t even look down!

One of the zippers from behind me, unfortunately slowed herself too much, and without enough momentum, she rolled backwards to the middle of the cable line. Thank goodness it wasn’t me! A guide had to slowly zip out to her, while another guide pulled them both back to our tree platform. Yes, there were pictures. How humiliating.

Well, just how many more flights through the trees were left to experience?

Only 10 more exhilarating zips! Was my adrenalin pumping? Yes. Did I see any wild life? Orchids? No. Who had time to see anything as we blew through the trees, high above our precious ground below? I totally missed all the colorful birds as I flew by them, perched and nesting, high in the canopies. Did I see the Howler monkey’s playing in the trees? No, but I could hear them, “howlering” with laughter, as I swung through their habitat, like the fool was. I did discover, I have a tendency towards acrophobia. BIG time now!

Afterwards, I did experience some muscle spasms along with abdominal muscle soreness. That’s what I get for not keeping in shape, like the younger person I used to be. I’ll leave this sport for our millennials to enjoy… or not. This Granny doesn’t belong in the canopies, high above the ground. However, here’s picture of my husband, as he was  blissfully flying through the trees, following me.

How well do you think he enjoyed his zip-line experience?

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 10.57.33 AM

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