Trouble keeping squirrels out of your bird feeders? Solutions that work!

A local squirrel family was not factored into our backyard retreat. I have bird feeders for small colorful finches and other small, songbirds that visit our patio. When the squirrels attached themselves to my screen finch feeders, I changed to clear plastic tube feeders, designed for Nijar birdseed. Problem solved… I thought.

This year I added a different feeder for larger bird seed but designed for smaller songbirds. I hung it from a pole, 4 feet off the ground and attached to our 3-foot fence, for stability. Two uninvited squirrels simply sat on that fence, reaching out to feed themselves when hungry. Hmmm.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 8.36.32 AMWhat now? Well, I bought a 7-foot pole and attached the feeder on top of the pole. It took those varmints 2 days to learn how to shimmy up to the feeder, pop open the lid and gobble down the seed. Who knew they could climb a 7 foot, 2-inch diameter, metal pole and just hang there, enjoying their bounty?

It was a bit comical to watch and it did amuse the family.

Not to be outsmarted by a rodent, I taped the lid with masking tape on 2 sides. Well, the next evening I saw the top ajar, again, opened for their easy pickings. Sooo, I taped the lid on all 6 sides. This did work for several days, but the battle of wits continued. Next, I tried clear packaging tape on 6 sides. (I didn’t have duct tape.) Alas, failure again. As a last resort, I wired 2 sides and twisted around and over the top. That worked much better. However, Those pesky critters started gnawing the wires! Enough already! They got so used to me running out the door and shouting like the hysterical idiot that I was, they didn’t stop chewing and scamper away until I was at the pole! I just know they were chuckling about me, among themselves.

They were winning the battle… but the war was not over… yet!

I might add, that I had been feeding the squirrels leftover bread to deter them. Which actually helped to slow their success. However, they had developed a preference, to which bread they liked. Really?! We did eventually settle on Oroweat Whole Grains, 12 or 17 Grain. I mean, after all, I did want to offer them some nutritional consolation, along with their occasional pine cones. So, back to my squirrel issue. I returned to Amazon for help with squirrel resistant bird feeders. This time I thought I’d found my solution. I purchased a squirrel guard, intended as a topper for a feeder, but I attached it below the feeder and it works just fine.

Problem solved. War won!

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 8.38.19 AMWe can now sit and watch the different birds feed peacefully through the new binoculars I bought. They are terrific! Small, lightweight and inexpensive!

And what about those cute little varmints? I still feed a family of 4 squirrels, that hang out in the trees and visit our patio when I appear with a few slices of  Oroweat 17 Grain bread. I toss small pieces to them, showing there are no hard feelings between winners and losers.

Now my Samsung 8 captures great critter pictures of the squirrels, as well as the birds!

A “win-win” for all… sort of.

TIP: We should not disrupt the natural diet of wildlife and their ability to forage for food. We live in a quiet community. Coyotes, an occasional bobcat, and other wild critters roam throughout trees, shrubs and a nearby stream. Where it is always survival of the fittest. 


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