How to choose the best location to enhance the artwork you wish to hang. Take a closer look and see for yourself.

Viewing art, objects, pictures, or just about anything you want to hang, can take on a new look in a new location. Light, shadows, wall texture, color, and location can give your subject a new look. Also, consider whether it will be hung alone, or part of a grouping.

It is said that “the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

That could refer to most anything. However, to make a point, for this comparison we will use the wreath below. Although it rotates, the first photo shows a simple camellia wreath hung on a warm, neutral wall. All the colors show up nicely. The peachy floral hues blend well with the wall color and the green leaves stand out.

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The next photo shows the wreath with an added tan bow, a bird’s nest, and rust-colored flowers. Notice how the look of the wreath changes on the neutral wall? The rust flowers become an added focal point, along with the bow and bird, creating even more interest.

Now let’s place the wreath on a white door. Even more, contrast is shown between all the colors displayed. The wreath has a much brighter and sharper appearance, overall.

Finally, with the wreath placed on the red door, again the accentuated colors change. While the green leaves, tan bow, floral peach tones really pop with contrast, while the rust flowers are hardly visible at all. They are lost against the similar door color.

See how colors can stand out or fade away, depending on different backgrounds? Which do you prefer?

It’s just a matter of taste. “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” 

By adding your choice of different bows or flowers, you see how you can change any floral design to your liking and make it your own!                                               

Stand out from the crowd and be a little more creative. It’s fun and rewarding, especially when your friends and family take notice of your endeavors. They’ll love it!

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