Don’t spend a lot of money on your Spring wreath or decorations. Recycle them into something new, by you!

How to do a quick change for a holiday or your personal decor? Tweak an old wreath or an arrangement, just a little bit. Replace faded, dusty flowers. What a difference a bow makes, and a bird or… anything you desire. Personalize it with your imagination and make it your own. Just add something different to give it a new look and interest.

Create a two-for-one project.

Save time and money with minimal effort. Quick, easy and cost-effective, your renewed Spring wreath!

Below is a basic grapevine wreath with white spring blossoms. It becomes a St Patrick’s Day wreath by adding a simple green clover.Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 9.02.04 PM Next, remove the clover and it transforms into…

A whimsical Easter wreath with a bright orange bow, 3 carrots, and a nesting bird.

This time the wreath is hung on a white door. But wait, what about hanging it…Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 8.41.36 AM back on the wall? Which do you like best?

Change it up a bit by simply placing your wreath on different walls or doors. See how the focus differs with sunlight, wall texture, and color when hung in other locations? See how the orange bow pops on the white background, yet the white flowers stand out better on the colored wall? Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 9.15.25 AM Take a look at the change, when the St. Patrick’s wreath is hung on the red front door. The white flowers really pop against the red door. See your possibilities?

Finally, for yet another look for this wreath, add something blue for the 4th of July. Remove the bird, carrots, and clover of course. Attach a blue bow with 2 small flags? Quick, simple, fun and cost-effective.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 12.14.36 PM

Finally, for yet another look for this wreath.

Remove the clover, bird, and carrots.  Add a blue bow. Attach 2 small flags, one coming from either side of the bow. Happy 4th of July!

You don’t need to spend a lot of money for new holiday decorations.

Recycle what you have. Many old wreaths can easily be dusted off and renovated in minutes. I’ve even showered off some of mine. I save ribbons and suitable items to recycle on future arrangements. Just add something fresh, colorful and different, to renew. You might even swap decorations with a friend.

So, don’t forget to shop the sales at craft stores like Michael’s, Joann’s, or Hobby Lobby. Check Big Lots, Dollar stores, or larger thrift stores, for bargain decorations to remake. Remember, holiday items go on sale early so clip store coupons, to get some bargains. If you’re really thrifty, like I am, shop after the holidays for bigger savings and stock up for next year.

TIP: You don’t need to spend big to decorate well.

Check back to see the next DIY variation for Spring.

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