St. Patrick’s Day. The Blarney Stone legend. For all you Irish guys and gals.

This Irish Leprechaun poem was taken from an old Ambassador Greeting Card.

The legend of the Blarney Stone 

One night the King of Leprechauns saw a handsome Irish lad, seated by an emerald pond and looking very sad.

The king approached the gloomy boy and tipped his little crown, “Good evening, lad, what troubles ye and causes ye to frown?”

The lad signed, “Sir, I love a girl, she’s as lovely as can be, but when I try to tell her so she always laughs at me.”

“For I can’t talk in fancy words or sing a lover’s song, and everything I say to her just seems to come out wrong!”

The king had listened carefully, and when the lad was done, he said, “The gift of flattery is all ye need, my son.”

“But ye must promise first to never catch a leprechaun.” “I promise!” said the happy lad, so the little king went on.

“Way yon in Blarney Castle there’s stone with a magic spell, and if ye’ll only kiss it, ye can flatter very well.”

So he found the stone and kissed it and was happy all his life, for his magic gift of flattery won him a lovely wife!

And people to this day still kiss the Blarney Stone, hoping that this magic gift will be their very own.

Would you take a chance on true love?

First of all, you’d need to locate that Blarney Castle. Then search for the magic Blarney Stone, hoping you weren’t caught trespassing.

On the other hand, what if you saw a Leprechaun, should you try and catch him? Would the Leprechaun take you to his pot of gold? (That is, assuming he even has any.) Probably not. I’ve heard they are very tricky.

However, Leprachauns are said to be very generous when treated well. For an act kindness, they have been known to repay one’s gesture, hansomly.

Hummm. What would you do? True love or riches?

May the luck of the Irish be with you on St. Patrick’s Day!


Poem taken from: Ambassador Cards


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