This can happen to some little ones, taking the fun out of the event. 

My daughter, also had this unhappy experience when she was small.

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Wee little James was never shy. He didn’t miss much and always needed answers. But my inquisitive grandson took matters in his own little hands. A delightful story-poem.

Hey Mr. Easter Bunny

Hey Mr. Easter Bunny, did you hide them all?

The kids ran ahead of me, but I’m still too small.

My first Easter egg hunt, where I wanted to have fun.

But your game was all over, before I had begun.

Kids took all the colored eggs, that you left all around.

But I did not get any, of the goodies that they found.

My little legs move slower, than the big kids that I see.

I’d hoped that maybe someone, might share an egg with me.

Those kids were so excited, while playing with their peers.

No one even noticed me. They did not see my tears.

I saw you with your basket. Are there any eggs inside it?

If there is an Easter egg left, do you think that I could have it?

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Just then Mr. Bunny, from his pocket, he dug deep,

Pulled out another Easter egg, that he said, I could keep!

He always keeps extras, hidden just in case,

He needs to bring a smile, on a child’s unhappy face.

I’m just a little kid, but I know a thing or two.

I hugged the Easter Bunny and whispered my thank you.

I know this happens to many little ones. Sometimes an older person will help gather eggs for them. This may not be fair, either. Some egg hunts divide areas by age. Still, sometimes the smaller kids, just get left without.

TIP: I suggest, parents and relatives always have a special treat handy, just in case your child needs it, along with a little comforting.

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