My daughter suggested I get a new mirror and now I know why.

My reflection clearly came into view when I got this new mirror. Magnifying 10 times with light. Now I can see me like never before. I know exactly where to apply or adjust my makeup, instead of just winging it. Wearing my glasses prevented successful application. Lighted, Magnifying Makeup Mirror. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 4.52.48 AM

Now, I wonder, just what my face to face conversations revealed, speaking with people up close to me. I could see them, but how did they see me? Did both my eyes match, as to the application of my concealer, liner, and shadow?

Have you ever seen a woman who applied a little too much liner, color or shadow? Maybe she attempted to create a dramatic effect with her eyes? Were her false eyelashes a little crooked? One slanted upwards and the other slanted down? Giving an appearance of a wink? She probably just needed a better mirror or better lighting

 However, my fabulous mirror is both, a blessing and a curse!

I’m now viewing a closeup of my advancing age. Watching my lines turn to wrinkles. Among other flaws, I noticed I was now sprouting a mustache! Horrors of horrors! Just like my aunt! I had felt a couple of wild hairs and even plucked them, from time to time. But, viewing with a lighted, 10x magnifying reflection? Scary, scary stuff! Well, let me tell you ladies, I took care of that gnarly beast right away!

I had seen commercials using this new, lighted wonder, and I got one! Flawless to the rescue! Flawless Finishing Touch hair remover. Quick, easy, and gone! Check out their video on this link.

Gone are those tiny hairs within the crevices of my smile. Their tiny shadows no longer accentuate my deepening lines. Those, wee ones above my lip? Gone. I guess I never noticed, these new additions, silently, creeping in view. Even those tiny little hairs between my diminishing eyebrows. They added a slight shadow and made me look angry when I wasn’t. I zapped them too. Just like that, I eliminated peach fuzz from all over my face! Gone, didn’t hurt and didn’t grow back for weeks. Whalaa!

Sooo, now that I’m armed with my new arsenal of beauty products, I can really see by the light. Hopefully, I can keep ahead of the aging process and age slower, with more style and grace and less of the “bearded lady” look.

Now, I’ve formed a new relationship with my dermatologist. But that’s a story for another post.


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