I was sure our little girl was ready for potty training.

Oh, how she loved the pretty, big girl panties I had bought for her. Plus, now she had her new Baby Potty. You see, she was still wearing Large Pull-Ups. Her new baby sister was coming soon, (Newborn Diapers again), and I needed her to graduate into panties, fast. No more room for more for boxes of large Pull-Ups, not to mention the expense. But I had a plan! Potty Training in a Day. (I don’t recommend it.)

However, P is for Potty is rated a best seller on Amazon.

A poem for new moms.

Two girls in diapers. That’s one, too many. 63172_10200175935345116_503727537_n

Bags of garbage? Yes, we had plenty!

I’d read “the book,” and I had a plan.

Determination, was now on hand.

I was excited. This would be great!

We’ll start tomorrow. I couldn’t wait.

We had everything, set up just so,

To teach our daughter, how to “Go.”

She wore panties, with pretty lace.

I had several pairs, just in case.

We had salty foods, with lots to drink… A new doll that wets. What do you think?

Supplied with games, crafts and her books, All prepared for whatever it took.

We played near the bathroom all that day.  A few accidents did come her way.

Daddy came home. He asked how it went? I said I’d had days, that were better spent.

That day we both shared, I don’t regret, but big girl panties? No. Not just yet!

Sometimes the best plans just don’t come together as planned, no matter how well thought out they are.

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