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Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 1.50.50 PMPros and cons of Nextdoor’s free website.

We recently joined Nextdoor, along with other neighbors of ours. After viewing our website, we were surprised to see how just how many of our neighbors were already members.

Nextdoor began in 2011, in San Francisco, California. The site has since grown to include the USA, UK, Germany and the Netherlands. Being cautious, I checked out their site.

You are required to give your address and full name.

This seems to be the issue, causing complaints online. Privacy. You can, however, provide your street name without your actual address number. Disclosing any other personal information is totally optional.

We chose to have just information regarding our immediate neighborhood disclosed to us. Although, it is possible to include any of the 34 other surrounding neighborhoods. If we did so, information about those adjacent neighborhoods would also be provided. A much broader area would then be shared with us.

Nextdoor shares some of the same values as our own neighborhood. They have taken the idea of the “Neighborhood Watch” to another level. Any good neighbors that are, helpful and community-minded, would be good for this program. People looking out for each other, along with the safety and betterment of their shared communities.

Just what is shared on Nexdoor?

When you join and log in to your Nextdoor website, you could find, alerts about crime and safety concerns. Also, notices about lost or found, pets, coyote sightings, upcoming local events, items for sale, babysitting. Also, recommended services for tree trimmers, plumbers, cleaning services and more. Some post, notices of city meetings, rate hikes, new construction, home rentals, block parties, and garage sales. In fact, I’m calling a recommended tree trimmer, that was reasonably priced.

This could be a great way to acclimate yourself, after moving into a new area or city.

To us, it sounds like a good idea for our neighborhood.

Please do check out your own particular area, first. See if Nextdoor would be right for you and your family. It just might be worth your time.



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