Re-make a wreath into an original, by you! 

I bought this Valentine heart wreath, with multi-colored berries, last year. This year I dressed it up, by adding a little more interest. New look. Quick and easy!

You can get 12-inch grapevine, heart wreaths at Michael’s and most likely, Hobby Lobby.

  1.  I bought a 10-foot strand of little tiny Shimmer Lights. (On sale, of course.) They are so dainty and add just a little twinkle. Add the 2 AA batteries and read about the timer settings. Wire or attach the battery box to the back side of my berry wreath, at the top.
  2. Next, take the end of the light strand and wrap around the wreath in a candy cane fashion. Start at the top and allow enough slack to end back at the top. Make sure the wired lights are evenly distributed with equal widths between wrapped lines.
  3. I used two different ribbons, I had saved from gifts received. (You never know when these things might be needed.) I made two bows and attached them with florist wire.
  4. Next, cut the 4 ends of your 2 bows at a diagonal. (Each bow has two different directions for their cuts). It’s your preference, but make the two cuts, on the same bow, slant in opposite directions. In other words, don’t have them pointing the same way. Also, don’t cut the length of the ribbons the same. Different lengths show movement and more interest.
  5. Tip: Wired ribbon is much easier to work with for bow-making.
  6. Tip: When using re-cycled ribbons, use a curling iron to quickly iron out the wrinkled areas from where the bows or knots were tied.


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