It’s almost Valentine Time! Create Some Hearts and Flowers with a DIY wreath your family will love!

Make a quick and simple, wreath for Valentine’s Day. 

Below is a red Christmas wreath that I purchased on clearance. This basic 14″ grapevine wreath sold just wrapped with a garland of red flowers. It was a left-over item from their Christmas decor line. I simply added another garland of white flowers to it, along with the 3 red hearts, making a pretty Valentines wreath. Easy!

  • I attached a 6 foot white, spring blossom garland, which I got on sale.
  • I wrapped the garland of white blossoms, around like a candy cane, attaching both ends with wire.
  • Next, I tied 3 red heart ornaments with a tiny ribbon. By attaching them equal distance apart, at 3 different levels, the placement creates a sense of movement and more interest. I used safety pins to attach hearts to the wreath, so their locations could easily be moved if needed. A glue gun could be used for a more permanent solution.

This simple wreath could be redone, with endless versions. It’s all up to your imagination.

What would you do? Think of all the possibilities! What flowers and colors would choose? Would you add a bow? Would you hang it on a door, a window, or a wall? Hang it over a fireplace, or as a headboard?

Tip: If you do not attach with a glue gun the wreath can be re-used with several different motifs for different events.

Tip: Perhaps attach colored flowers for spring. Add a bird or butterflies. Possibilities are endless. Limited to your own imagination.

Tip: If you think your wreath looks out of balance. Maybe too full on one side, or too thin on another, simply remove a few flowers from the dense side and attach them to the other side, if needed.

Tip: Take advantage of year-round, seasonal sales and craft store coupons, to stock up for the next coming holiday, or even next year!

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 11.08.26 AM


DIY: Decorate 1 Spring Wreath Many Styles.

How different locations can change the look of your artwork.



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