The Season to be Wreathin’? Oh yeah. It’s that time again.

That special time of the year is quickly approaching. So get your crafty side ready, set and go.

This Fall wreath was so quick and easy. Another great DIY! Make one yourself in 15 minutes.

From ho-hum to awesome! You can do it.

These basic berry wreaths, or at least some that look very similar, go on sale every Fall season. This is a grapevine wreath. Last year, at Kohl’s’, I bought this $40 berry wreath, on clearance, for 70% off. However, in addition, with my 30% coupon… ta-dah! I paid only $7! A real no-brainer.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 7.28.41 AM

Next, from Michael’s Craft store, or your local craft store, I bought these coordinating ribbons, at their seasonal sale price, for 50% off. Both for $5.
Next, I made 2 bows, one from each coordinating color. I connected the two bows together with florist wire. (Any wire you have handy will do if it is flexible to twist. (Looking good, but wait until the Shimmer Lights are attached, below.)
Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 9.27.20 AM
The bows can be attached at the top or bottom, whichever you prefer. I then wove the 10′ wire of tiny Shimmer Lights, loosely around only the front of the wreath, in a zig-zag pattern. (The lights would not be visible on the backside of the wreath.) These dainty lights are easy to work with. Cost? 50% off, and with my 20% Kohls discount, $8! 
Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 3.29.47 PM
That’s it. Any wreath you add lights to will transform into an awesome focal piece. Your wreath will become a nice accent to any darker area of your home. Not to mention a “wow” effect, if placed on your front door, or anywhere in your home after dark.

Quick and easy peasy $20!

The Shimmer Lights take 2 AA batteries and have a built-in timer. Some even have remotes.  

Tip: It pays to shop around. These materials can be less at discount stores and even less after the season is over, on clearance. Stock up for your next special occasion or holiday.



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