Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 3.40.04 PMOur child’s online order from Amazon.

Who knew our sweet little boy knew how to order his own toys? Well, he does and he sure did.

While playing games on Dad’s iPhone, James pushed just two red buttons. The same two buttons he had seen Dad push while ordering toys before. Bingo. Done! Smartphones are more educational for little ones than we thought.

A short fun poem for parents. Along with a warning!

Suspicious Package On its Way?

A suspicious e-mail came today,
Stating, “Your package is on its way.”

But I hadn’t ordered anything, so I gave my family a ring.

 It’s an error. It simply must be. No one had sent a package to me.

Later, I’ll call and take care of this. Billing is definitely amiss.

But that package arrived that same night… two toy trucks, which we hid out of sight.

Our 5-year-old son, playing on my iPhone, had Amazon send them to our home.

He’d seen me press those buttons before, ordering toys that came to our door.

A smart young lad without any doubt,
To have all alone figured this out.
 ‘Twas not his fault. He thought it was fine,
To do like me when ordering online.
This little guy, now tucked into bed,
With visions of trucks inside his head.

Tomorrow we’ll explain, this wasn’t all right. 

And I knelt down beside him and kissed him good-night.



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