Don’t toss it! Great cost savings on wreath making for you! See how.

So update an old Christmas wreath and bring in Spring or anything! 

Make an old wreath into your new creation. Just give it a fresh look with a new idea, a few alterations, and additions.

Before we start, save some money on your wreath. Holiday sales are everywhere! So take advantage and stock up on craft supplies for re-making your wreath. Plus, get a head start on creating next year’s seasonal decorations!

It’s best to check craft stores all year-long when their seasonal items are 50 – 70% off. Like Michael’s, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby… Also, Kohl’s members get 15% to 30% off coupons several times a year, in addition to monthly bonuses and $10 for every $50, on occasion. Their seasonal items 70% off. But don’t forget stores like Target, Walmart, Big Lots… and of course, Amazon.

Well, I’m not a creative genius, but I do like when friends appreciate my finished projects. Don’t you?

Let’s get started.

Even if your old wreath (or arrangement), in your opinion, isn’t very nice, if the “bones” are good, remake it! Check over the wreath and remove what you don’t like and add what you do like.

Make it your own. An original by you! Create your own theme. What special events do you have coming up? A child’s birthday? A Halloween decoration? The 4th of July? Fall colors? Add some baking tools, bells, birds, bows, candies, toys, flowers, flags,  lights, miniatures, pinecones, ornaments, holiday decorations… absolutely, anything you like for any theme!

Let your creative juices flow.

Grab a glue gun, flowers picks, ribbon, floral wire and have fun! Expand your inner creative self. Discover a new form of ego-building, stress therapy.

This is a photo of the spring wreath I remade from a large, green Christmas wreath. It became a pretty spring motif for my daughter’s baby shower.

Here’s how I made it:

  • This was a large 36″ green pine, Christmas wreath.
  • 18 assorted floral picks with red and orange tulips, yellow and white daffodils, and purple lavender were placed around the wreath.
  • 6 colored mini birdhouses were spaced evenly among the floral picks.
  • 7 small bows from ladybug ribbon, secured with floral wire, were attached to the birdhouses.
  • 8 miniature colored flowerpots, with assorted flowers, were placed throughout.
  • From the top, inside of the wreath, I attached a “Welcome” sign, with a large whimiscal bumblebee and bow, and it hung from the center.

That’s it. You can do it too. See tip below.



Think about what you might create with a bare wreath. Take it with you when you shop for items you would like to use on it. This will also help you determine how many floral picks and items you might need. Place the items on your wreath, next to ribbons you like. Do the items all look good together, on the wreath? They should blend well and colors should not clash.


DIY: Decorate 1 Spring Wreath Many Styles.      

How different locations can change the look of your artwork.



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