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 Off to the Doctor For You!

This fun poem is about my visit to the pediatrician with my grandson. The picture says a thousand words.

I took him to the Doctor to check his runny nose. His forehead’s warm, he’s coughing… and on and on, it goes.

“Fluish” kids surrounded us. The waiting room was packed. Prepared were we to wait a while, I’d brought his toy and snacks.


They called his name to wait inside, in the last room down the hall. Trying to keep him entertained, now this was Granny’s call.

Into every nook and cranny, he searched for something new. There simply wasn’t anything for my sickly boy to do.

I sat him on the table and told him to be good. His squirming ripped the paper, like I knew he would.

To straighten up his paper mess, I’d put him on the floor. While pulling out the paper roll, he headed out the door!

Just then a thought occurred to me to keep him trouble-free. A game of spin around and ’round Might do the trick for me.

I took the paper he had ripped and spun him like a top. He smiled and squealed with laughter, Begging me not to stop.

His Doctor came to our room, chuckling with delight. He said, “Now that’s original,” hugging my little “tike.”



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