A TRUE story of love and companionship, over the course of 16 years. A boy and his beloved dog that should hit “home for many.”




Jack’s dog’s Arnold passed away this year. For 16 years Jack held him, dear.
Best friends were they until the end, and this is how their story began.
A puppy arrived as a gift one day. Jack’s answer was, “No. Take him away.”
You see, Jack still grieved the loss of his pet, and wasn’t ready to replace him yet.
It wasn’t long till Jack changed his view. Their friendship grew and started anew.
Jack named him Arnold. It suited him so. He looked like the pig, on the “Green Acres” show.
Arnold, a pug, sent from Heaven above, with a face that only his mother could love.
His teeth were crooked, his eyes bulged out. He was short and fat, with a flattened snout.
Now don’t prejudge this loyal fellow, Jack loved him so. He slept on Jack’s pillow.
They snored together, in the same room. Yes, quite the duo, but not quite in tune.
file.png-9Jack sang to him from his morning shower.

That dog never knew he held such power.

They grew very close, to one another.

Some said they even looked like each other.

Arnold ate his fair share, earning his keep.
He kept himself busy, when not asleep.
He barked at the birds. A “bird dog,” you know.
He stayed close to Jack, wherever they’d go.
They went for walks and rides in the car.
Wherever Jack was, Arnold wasn’t far.
As years passed by,  Arnold’s pace grew slower. He needed help, more than ever before.
When Jack would leave for a minute or two, Arnold would cry and know not what to do.
We would console him and give him a hug, but only Jack could calm his “love pug.”
Now Arnold’s passed on to a better place. He barks at the birds that enter his space.
With his new-found friends, in the fields, they play. But he still watches Jack, from day-to-day.

This loving dog was Jack’s best friend, and someday, they’ll be together again.

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