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Don’t call a plumber… yet! Quick fix-it tip$ for toilets! Even a woman can fix. I did!

You could $ave the cost of a service call! Cha Ching! Cha Ching!

Lets check out the toilet. korky-flappers-2022cm-64_1000
  • First lift off the toilet tank cover to view the problem. Set it down carefully avoiding your toes! It’s heavy.
  • It might be that the flapper chain is too short or caught, allowing the flow to continue.
  • Or it might be that the flapper sealing area is just needing a wipe with a paper towel. It’s not yucky. It’s clean water. Now wipe the top edge of the drain opening too.
  • If the water is still leaking, when the flapper closes, you might need a new Toilet Flapper.
  • Save on water by turning off the toilet water, at the shut off valve. It’s usually located on the wall, below and behind the toilet base. This might be a small knob or plastic nut of sorts. You may need a pair of pliers, if it’s too difficult to turn.
  • Turn clockwise until the water stops running.
  • Remove the flapper. It’s usually connected by two rubber eye holes and hooked onto a lever mechanism, which is attached to the water source and drain.
  • If the whole mechanism looks faulty, then remove it as well. Notice how it was attached before pulling it out. Very important for the novice.
  • Order online or take it to your hardware store, to make sure you get the proper replacement. There are many types of toilets, as well as flappers. However, most have similarities and plumbing department salespeople are paid to assist you! Go for it! You’ve got this!



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