The Fall season brings colorful beauty we acclimate to. But for many, Fall brings colorful beauty and allergies!


We all have different feelings towards the coming Fall season. Some of us can enjoy the end of Summer, climate change and vibrant colors. While others just suffer through-out waiting for relief. Which side do you relate to?

A short, fun poem that you might identify with, no matter what your feelings about the Fall season are.

Summer has gone. Just turned into Fall.

With such a splendid display for all.

It’s wondrous vision we now behold,

Such vibrant hues of red, orange and gold.

The north wind blows its chill through the air,

Scattering bright colors everywhere.

With each gust, leaves dance to the ground,

Through long, dark shadows, cast all around.

Kaleidoscope light glows through the trees,

As nature’s beauty gives cause to sneeze!

My eyes tend to water, my nose doth run. And this dusty season has just begun.

My eyes are welling. Sinuses swelling. And there’s no telling,
How long this will last!
My ears are now blocked. My head is pounding. I need my meds,
and I need them fast!

As I grab my last tissue to blow my nose, I’m safe back inside with all windows closed!   Feeling like my head will explode, I head down the hall, towards the commode.   My allergy meds are there by the sink. I take a couple and chug down a drink.   I glance in the mirror. What do I see? “Symptoms” from Fall peering back at me!

It’s “Sneezen” Season!

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