Love clearance shopping? This is for you.

How to avoid unnecessary returns to clearance shopping crowds.

It’s always, best to take a little extra time and check your cart of discounted bargains, before cashing out!

Like many, I routinely visit those favorite stores for their fabulous clearance sales. Always searching for the best deal on whatever we may need and of course, buying things we don’t need. Just because they are at rock bottom bargain prices, I don’t have the willpower to pass up a “good deal.”

My thoughts are;

  • So what if the sweater is a little too baggy, it hides my muffin top and I can wear something under it.
  • A darling baby outfit for my niece? Sure, the baby will grow into it.
  • Another blue shirt for my husband? It brings out his blue eyes. You can’t have too many blue shirts in the closet.
  • How about a new self-help book to add to my growing collection? (I plan to read them all, as soon as I get a little extra time.)

Well just take care or this could happen to you if it hasn’t already.

After one exhausting day of clearance shopping, I rushed to escape the maddening crowds. I realized after returning home, I had more, or less than I’d bargained for!

Two Left Feet? Who Knew?

Went shopping today. Clearance sales. Hooray!

Yes, specials galore. Huge crowds at the door.

I’d spent most the day, in long lines to pay.

Just thrilled with my stash. Saved bunches of cash!

My bargains now spread, all over my bed.

I looked all around, bags covered the ground.

But, shoes on my chair, weren’t even a pair!

Two left shoes I spy. I wanted to cry.

It’s back to that store, in search of two more.

I’ll go by myself, to look for that shelf,

Locate it by sight, the box with two rights!

My Two Left Shoes?
My Two Left Shoes?

Lesson learned. Check it over, before you check out!

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