Tree safety for toddlers is always a concern for parents each holiday season.

We can never be too safe when it comes to protecting these curious little ones, especially at Christmas time! And as it should be. Try to think like your own toddler, but thinking “outside the box.” Possibilities with answers just may come to you for your own situations. Yet the answers to your problems might just surprise you.

Here is a new idea to use as “food for thought.”  A short fun poem.

“O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree…”

Oh, the fun that James has now…
Fantastic expectations.
Shopping for our Christmas tree,
And all its decorations!
Watching from his shopping cart,
With visions so enticing.
Wanting everything in sight.
To him, this is exciting!
With his curiosity,
And his touchy little hands,
We considered safety first,
As to just where our tree stands.
James climbs over baby gates,
And escapes from his bed.
His reach is high and fast.
You dare not turn your head.
He’s now into everything,
And with the greatest of ease.
So this tree, we’ll hoist up high,
From our ceiling, if you please.
O Christmas Tree… with love,
Twinkling from above.
Happy ever-afters,
Hanging from our rafters!



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