Aluminum pull tabs, one at a time, add up BIG for charity!

Do you recycle? McDonald House Charity benefits from recycling these small tabs. They add up to big things for children in need of serious health treatments. Schools, clubs, churches and organizations can help support the needs of seriously ill children, by saving just pull tabs.


Families of an ill child can stay free, at a McDonald House, while their child goes through treatments, at near by hospitals. These costs are among those maintained, through the pull tab program. Wheelchairs and special needs equipment are also purchased.

Tabs from pet food cans, tennis ball canisters, beverage, beer and food cans, really can add up. How many aluminum cans do you think you throw into the trash even week?

Why not save the pull tabs for a good cause, then recycle the aluminum cans for yourself?

What a great idea for the kids! Teach them about giving and helping other children in need. All the while, they learn something about earning and saving for themselves.  Some children, just don’t know the true value of a dollar earned.

Collection containers are available from your local McDonald House, or labels can be downloaded for your own containers.
These tabs can be mailed, or brought to your local McDonald House.
For connivence, you can recycle your tabs at your local recycle center, then endorse your check and mail it to McDonald House. 


 From Pasadena’s website, I got these Fun Facts:
  1. It takes 1267 tabs to make 1 pound.
  2. 1 million tabs provide 1 night’s lodging at Pasadena R. M. House.
  3. 1 million tabs laid end to end = 16 miles.
 Our local Car Club has participated in this program for years. They drink a lot of cool beverages at all of their car shows and events. Afterwards, they return their pull tabs to their monthly meetings, for bulk collection.


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