Quick and Simple Wreath Kahlua Bunt Cake Cheesy Cauliflower; Tangy, Quick and Easy Scalloped Creamed Corn Buried fire-pit turkeys Are you an impulse shopper? 10 tips for smart shopping you need.

Make this Spring wreath for your home. Quick, easy and fun to do. Supplies are on sale now. Very cost effective if you know when to shop and what you need.

We have been addicted to Lori’s decadent Kahlua cake for years! The rich chocolate flavor, and the inviting, melt-in-your-mouth moistness, simply beckons to us upon sight. Not to mention the elegant presentation it creates, as a focal point on our table.

Hot drinks for cold days

Hot beverages take the chill off those cold winter days and nights. Watch the winter winds, rain, and snow outside, while sipping on a nice hot cup of cozy… Ahhh yes, good to the last drop.

Fire-pit turkey. The highlight of our Thanksgiving. Patiently, we hover like vultures, to get a nibble of the succulent meat, before it ever reaches the kitchen.

Weight-loss / Keto diet results The Keto diet plan is very similar to the Adkin’s diet. Many have had quick and positive weight-loss results.…

Pumpkin, raisins and walnuts galore! Anyway you slice it, its so good. Try is as a bread, chilled with cream cheese, warm with morning coffee or milk. How about warm with whipped cream?

Duplicated photo of small child scooping up fallen leaves from the ground.

The Fall season brings colorful beauty we acclimate to. But for many, Fall brings colorful beauty and allergies!   We all have different feelings towards the coming Fall season.…

Christmas villages have been a special addition to our holiday decor forever. Now, we can easily create our township with lighted churches, shops, and homes to the delight of children. Their imaginations soar viewing tiny people enjoying the snowy season.

Scalloped creamed corn

Scalloped cream corn is a traditional, favorite side dish with many families. See how corn can become even tastier with a little tweaking. You may want to add this side dish to your own family traditional dinners, or at least your family menu.

Kids Halloween costumes have been out for a while now. If you haven’t picked out yours, you’d better hurry. You might have to improvise with your own creative ideas. Kids Halloween costumes aren’t that difficult to pull together. You might get an idea right here. Don’t worry, just think about it for a minute and

Permanently eliminate robocalls for free! Are you bothered by calls and recordings soliciting money for politicians, contractors, get rich scams, etc? So were we. But not any more.

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